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  Welcome to Mindful Fitness 
  Mandy Lee has been working around Melbourne in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years and brings a wealth of information to her training.  Mandy started her passion for exercise at the age of 8 when she started competitive softball and netball then later on taking up cricket.  She has travelled around Victoria playing for rep sides in her youth for all of her chosen sports.  Her passion has continued into adulthood working at many well known gyms.  Mandy is a Fully qualified Certificate IV Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor, Aqua Instructor and holds a Certificate IV in Pilates and Level 1 Yoga. Mandy is also trained in Qi Gong level 1, Meridians of the body, Body Pump, Body Combat and Precision Cycling.   Her real passion is for mindful training such as Pilates and Yoga,  she has a holistic style of teaching which promotes physical conditioning and harmony for the mind and body and includes stretching and relaxation. 
Pilates is about learning to control the body at a deeper level, understanding how the muscle groups work together. Improves posture and strengthens body especially the core muscle groups.   Pilates is a non-impact program which centers and connects mind, body and breath. In-depth teaching promotes body awareness and therapeutically designed exercises are great for use after physical rehabilitation.  Mastering these fundamentals can lead to a whole new sense of self and personal power. 
Yoga has many similar benefits to Pilates.   T he postures are performed with awareness, with a focus on the breath and the internal experience. It is a system that is designed to cultivate health and happiness, and a greater sense of self-awareness and higher consciousness.  
Mandy has a successful business which has been operating for the past 9 years and looks forward to continuing to grow and educate participants.  She has also been running Women's Wellness Retreats for the past 5 years, focusing on rejuvenation of the mind body and spirit.  For more details please refer to the link.